We are drucnk


I haven’t posted in twenty thousand years, and when I finally do post, its a lecture. You’re welcome.


How workers are treated in corporate America, bratty monologue about the machine, inability to take breaks, you can’t think your way out of an emotional problem, problem solving as a way of life,


Vertigo, TMJ, overwhelm, ugly cat, Sunday Atheist meeting WTF, instant community, this motherfucker needs to drive right. Dick eater.

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- Morning time wackiness
- Special guest boyfriend.
- When regular rock becomes classic rock.
- Rude ass neighbors
- Miley Cyrus: discuss
- There’s no such thing as heroes.
- If you were born straight and white, would you still be a good person?
- All our heroes have done unacceptable, shitty things. Stop being so serious about them.


More from my crazy family.


Working and complaining about work.


Special guest star Ben!


Where I bitch and complain about a beloved spiritual leader.


There is no episode 312 because I fucked up the numbering on the recordings and I needed to fix it, or it would continue to drive me crazy.