Hey podcast fan. You might have come here looking to see if there are ever going to be more episodes of I Love Lard.

Don’t worry, there already are! In a secret location.

It’s easy to be invited to the secret shows, just DM me on Twitter (@marinaisgo) or Instagram (@marinaisgo) and give me your email so I can add you to the secret location.

The reason for this change is not dramatic or a reaction to anything, more like a desire to build intentional community and have more options for what we could potentially do together.

As we’ve realized that mainstream social media isn’t working for us, and that we want more personal and personalized online community, we’re also experimenting with creating a more intimate circle for these shows.

We’ve always been really vulnerable on I Love Lard and and we want to keep doing that. We also want to have more control over who gets access to these intimate conversations. What exactly that’s going to look like going forward, I don’t know. We’re hoping to find out with our listeners together.


Actually, it’s the same old phone number we’ve had for months, except that it was written wrong on the site. So now it’s correct. 707.736.6144


So it turns out that the reason we haven’t been getting voice comments is because our old number died. So we got a new one!
The new number is 707.763.6144

We invested some money in a skype message center so you can also skype me and leave messages via my handle: marinaisgo

I’ve changed the sidebar to reflect this new number even though a podcast I’ll post after this says our number is wrong. That was recorded a few minutes ago.

Remember: 707.763.6144



I might be going to be in San Francisco in June!

I had the time off for June 20-23, but it turns out that plans have changed and everythings up in the air again. There were plans for a brunch on Sunday, June 22, but I’m hoping that we’ll be in town the week after for a brunch on Sunday, June 29. Time of day is completely flexible, place is yet to be determined. Anybody who’d like to come is welcome as long as you aren’t a psycho-killer or any other kind of buzz kill.

So… if you know the area, suggest a place that can accomodate several freaks and won’t be too expensive.


over there ->

This post is not to suggest anything, only to make the donate button available for those who feel the need to use it.


Look over there –>
(Where the old one used to be)

It’s brand spanking new.


It’s the first of the month. I did my round of podcast alley votes, just letting you know… you can do the same.


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