ANNOUNCEMENT: The Women in Podcasting page now lives at

The list you see here is what the directory looked like on Sept. 12, 2013. New shows will be added to the new design, but not on the page below in order to reduce the workload. What you see below is only an archive.

On April 15, 2014 we re-launched as our own brand, apart from I Love Lard. Please visit the new page, which has a completely sortable, searchable interface.

Here you can find a compilation of the best and brightest the female podcasting scene has to offer! It’s a list that’s growing all the time.

If you are a female podcaster and want to be added to this site, e-mail me with a short description, your URL, and whether or not you’re a girl in the lead, or part of a team.

I list all podcasters who identify as women, as well as genderqueer or gender ambiguous people who would like to be listed. Other than that, there are no standards or restrictions, but since this is my list I can take you off if I feel like it.

Some of these shows have stopped recording, but as long as their archives are online, I will continue to list them for posterity.

    Girls in the Lead

    These are podcasts that clearly have women at their helm. Sometimes they share the spotlight, but everyone knows they’re the boss.

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    Girls in a Team

    These are podcasts in which women appear as regular characters, either in a duo or as part of a group.

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